Welcome to Evolve Online Learning

Welcome to Evolve Online Learning! This is an online learning community where you can find online courses on all sorts of topics to help you be the best you you can be.

We’ve got courses on subjects like time management, managing stress, resilience, learning to become a coach, managing your workload, good leadership, public speaking, goal setting.

You’ll find courses on subjects like…

  • ✔️ time management
  • ✔️ managing stress
  • ✔️ resilience
  • ✔️ learning to become a coach
  • ✔️ managing your workload
  • ✔️ good leadership
  • ✔️ public speaking
  • ✔️ goal setting

Plus lots more, and we add new courses every month. If there’s something specific you’d like help with, feel free to get in touch and suggest a course.

How it works

You can buy each of our courses individually, or you can sign up for a monthly membership. With a monthly membership you’ll save money on the courses, even if you only complete one course a month. We’ve got several options for membership, including a free membership that’ll give you access to a monthly goal-setting email. Our paid memberships start from £10 a month, which will give you access to all of our Microlearning and Toolkit courses.

We also offer corporate memberships, with tailored packages of online learning, face-to-face training and coaching. Get in touch to find out more.

Here’s what you get with each of our membership tiers.

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Course Categories

Each of our courses are sorted into categories, from short, 10-minute, super-focused Microlearning courses to our Toolkit courses, which dive into a particular subject in more detail, with several modules you can complete at your own pace. Click on each of the buttons below to learn more about that category.

Short, highly focused 10-minute courses

Short, focused courses on useful topics

Develop higher-level skills

Big-picture personal development

Change your life and achieve ambitious goals

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Presuppose that this course will change your life, because it will!

Andy Mcminn – Plymouth Royal Hospitals Trust

100% satisfied with the course; I haven’t found an area of my life that this hasn’t or doesn’t impact on in a positive way. Everyone should have one!

Yvonne Lister – Imerys Minerals Limited

“Evolution’s NLP Business Practitioner course is an excellent learning journey which is both stimulating and enlightening. Martin is a very skilled trainer who enables students to grasp concepts and techniques in meaningful ways. The online session worked very well using virtual breakout rooms for different exercises.  This course is invaluable for not only professional development but also for personal growth.”

Davina Mortimer, Royal Devon and Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust

A life changing course that should be compulsory training for all managers.

Darren Cole – Head of IT, West Devon Borough Council

This has been one of the most enjoyable courses I have attended during my career. I can certainly say I have learnt more during these 6 months that will enable me to perform better than any of the traditional management courses I have been sent on.

Tracy Winser – Director, Southams District Council

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