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Welcome to Evolve Online Learning: Online training and personal development courses from acclaimed business skills coach Martin Crump. Upgrade your personal and professional skills and unlock your potential

You might have heard the phrase ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’; but in a rapidly changing environment, this isn’t true – you’ll get less than you always got. It’s evolve or die: if you don’t adapt, you won’t succeed.

In the coaching and training industry we think about change a lot. We’re in the business of helping people deal with change, and we’ve spent over 25 years researching, learning and analysing the best strategies to make the most of change. We’ve developed an extremely effective, results-based process for making the most of every situation you might find yourself in – whether that’s professional or personal.

We’ve worked with everyone from the NHS, BAE Systems, B&Q and Co-Op, to self-employed individuals, seasoned professionals changing career and stuck people dealing with – or planning for – periods of radical change in their lives.

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A life changing course that should be compulsory training for all managers.

Darren Cole – Head of IT, West Devon Borough Council

“Using the app, Google Duo, I found having my sessions on line extremely easy to do and it was as if I was in the same room; definitely better than just a phone call. Martin’s style of coaching is very relaxed.  I felt comfortable almost immediately with him, which allowed for me to share things quite fluently and without awkwardness. There were a lot of good ideas given, where Martin gave great consideration to whatever he suggested. I found him to be very encouraging with no pressure and he has helped me to understand some of my thoughts and reasoning’s, eliminating some of the guilt that may have arisen around these. Being relaxed enough in my sessions also to incorporate some humour made it more enjoyable and far more productive, leaving me feeling less alone on my issues.”

Dawn Allen, Plymouth Community Homes

“Having completed the NLP Business Practitioner course half in person and half online due to COVID-19, I found Martin’s online sessions just as interesting and engaging as the face-to-face meetings. The Practitioner course has been incredibly useful in a number of areas, from copywriting and marketing to my own personal goals and relationships. It really has changed the way I think and I feel that my communication skills – both personal and professional – have really benefited from the course.”

Holly Carberry, Holly Carberry Digital Marketing

This has been one of the most enjoyable courses I have attended during my career. I can certainly say I have learnt more during these 6 months that will enable me to perform better than any of the traditional management courses I have been sent on.

Tracy Winser – Director, Southams District Council

Presuppose that this course will change your life, because it will!

Andy Mcminn – Plymouth Royal Hospitals Trust

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